Missing Teeth

The loss of teeth is one of the most psychologically and physically challenging occurrences that can happen in your life.  Nothing makes you look and feel older as quickly as losing one or more teeth.   Our teeth not only provide us with that big, broad smile but also work to support our lips and cheeks.  If the missing teeth are not replaced, our faces will change – our cheeks become sunken, our lips become less evident and the aging process is accelerated.

Missing teeth also make chewing difficult.  Since it is more difficult to chew, many patients that are missing teeth avoid foods like salads, vegetables and high quality proteins which require fine chewing.  These foods are replaced with softer,  lower nutritional quality foods that can be chewed more easily.  As we all know, a proper diet and good nutrition are vital to long-term health.  This is especially true for our older patients and those patients undergoing medical treatment for systemic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Fortunately, we have many options to replace missing teeth using a variety of prosthetic techniques.  Our doctors will review all of the treatment options available to you when you come for your consultation visit.

“Initially I was hesitant to put veneers on my teeth. But, now that I have them, I realize how much more I smile and how many people smile back at me!” Jan S. Boca Raton

“I can’t tell you how happy I am that I flew to Florida to see you for my implants. My teeth look and feel great and my husband cannot believe his eyes. Plus I had the excuse to fly to warm weather during a cold and snowy winter up here.” Mickie Z. Binghamton, NY

“When my teeth got broken after I fell I was so upset. I went from dentist to dentist trying to get teeth that looked like the old me. Dr. Ralph and Dr. Ethan and their lab techs were so patient and worked magic. Now I feel like myself again.” Suzanne F. Boynton Beach

“My physician sent me to Dr. Ralph because I was having stomach issues since I couldn’t chew my food properly. He explained every step that was necessary to make my mouth healthy again and was so patient with me. Now I can eat what I want and smile from ear to ear.” Vickie S. Delray Beach

“I almost cried when I was told by my dentist that I would have to wear a denture while my implants healed. Then I met Dr. Pansick. He gave me cemented temporary teeth the same day as my implants went in – no dentures!” Hannah D. Boca Raton

“I was worried about how I was going to pay for all of the work that I needed to have done. The doctors worked out a plan for me that allowed me to do everything that I needed using a special financing plan.” Mike H. Boynton Beach

“I was afraid to go the dentist and neglected my teeth for years. Dr. Attanasi and his wonderful staff made sure that I was treated with kid gloves at every visit. Thank you for giving me back my smile and my self confidence.” Shirley V. Delray Beach