Our Dental Studio

There is a special relationship between the patient, the prosthodontist, and the dental lab; we call it esthetic synergy.   Most dentists use commercial dental laboratories located outside of the dental office where prostheses are made by technicians that have never seen or met the patient.  We are fortunate in that we have in-house dental laboratory technicians that work in their own dedicated space.  As a result, they are an integral part of your care from the planning stages all the way through to the completion of your treatment.  Most importantly, they are present when we “try-in” your case before delivery.

The try-in visit occurs when your new teeth are ready to be looked at in your mouth.  It is at this time that we can truly assess the esthetic result of your treatment.  We can see how your lips drape over your teeth, how much lip support is present for lipstick, what your speech sounds like, and, most importantly, what your smile looks like.

Our technicians will be there alongside the doctor to evaluate these aspects of your case and to make changes as necessary; this is a luxury that few patients and technicians are afforded.  Usually changes are communicated with either written notes or with photographs; but having the laboratory technician seeing the case with their own eyes and discussing the outcome with the patient is vital for ideal results!

One of the other benefits to having our own dental laboratory is that we have complete control over the materials used in making your teeth.  As the global economy has changed, many commercial dental laboratories have resorted to sending their work to less expensive off-shore laboratories that may not adhere to the standards that we expect.  The use of impure metals, questionable cleanliness and unsupervised work can lead to problems for patients in both the long and short term.

We know that our laboratories use only specific brands of materials that meet or exceed industry standards for purity and composition and that infection protocols are stringently followed on every case.   Our technicians only utilize original manufacturer’s implant parts in order to assure the proper fit and finish necessary to provide long-lasting, trouble-free restorations.

Rest assured, your teeth will be properly designed and crafted to the highest standards!