Esthetic Enhancement

There is no reason not to love your smile!  An esthetically pleasing smile is your calling card to colleagues, friends, and family – who doesn’t love to laugh and smile without being self conscious about how their teeth look?

Porcelain laminates or veneers can be used to correct shade (color), shape, and spacing  issues that can detract from your smile. We use eggshell-thin porcelain crafted for us by DaVinci Dental Laboratories in Beverly Hills, California in order to obtain the very best esthetic results with minimal tooth reduction. These procedures are often completed within a very short period of time and the results are tremendous!

All-ceramic crowns and short-span fixed (non-removable) bridges offer exceptional esthetics since they are metal-free.  As such, they allow for light to be transmitted through the restoration making these crowns and bridges blend right into the adjacent natural teeth.  These types of crowns and bridges are made from various materials including high-strength Zirconia and pressed ceramics.

We design our porcelain fused to high noble metal crowns and bridges in such a way that we can eliminate the black lines at the gumline that are the tell-tale sign of conventional crown and bridge dentistry.  By using special tooth preparation design coupled with advanced laboratory and material techniques, we can provide strong, predictable and esthetic tooth replacements for you.

Ask our doctors what they recommend for you!

“Initially I was hesitant to put veneers on my teeth. But, now that I have them, I realize how much more I smile and how many people smile back at me!” Jan S. Boca Raton

“I can’t tell you how happy I am that I flew to Florida to see you for my implants. My teeth look and feel great and my husband cannot believe his eyes. Plus I had the excuse to fly to warm weather during a cold and snowy winter up here.” Mickie Z. Binghamton, NY

“When my teeth got broken after I fell I was so upset. I went from dentist to dentist trying to get teeth that looked like the old me. Dr. Ralph and Dr. Ethan and their lab techs were so patient and worked magic. Now I feel like myself again.” Suzanne F. Boynton Beach

“My physician sent me to Dr. Ralph because I was having stomach issues since I couldn’t chew my food properly. He explained every step that was necessary to make my mouth healthy again and was so patient with me. Now I can eat what I want and smile from ear to ear.” Vickie S. Delray Beach

“I almost cried when I was told by my dentist that I would have to wear a denture while my implants healed. Then I met Dr. Pansick. He gave me cemented temporary teeth the same day as my implants went in – no dentures!” Hannah D. Boca Raton

“I was worried about how I was going to pay for all of the work that I needed to have done. The doctors worked out a plan for me that allowed me to do everything that I needed using a special financing plan.” Mike H. Boynton Beach

“I was afraid to go the dentist and neglected my teeth for years. Dr. Attanasi and his wonderful staff made sure that I was treated with kid gloves at every visit. Thank you for giving me back my smile and my self confidence.” Shirley V. Delray Beach